Led by Myles Savage, Star Lead singer from The Platters Salute The Last Original Stars. He's known all over the world as the Ambassador of Romance. Myles Savage, Star Lead Singer brings his star-studded show straight from the Four Queens Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to Fort Myers. After half a century of performing, they are on their "Farewell Tour". Fans will say they are seemingly ageless and unable to rest on their considerable laurels, but due to some members passing away, Mr. Savage will make this his last tour. This show gets two thumbs up and is a must see. "Only You", "Twilight Time", "The Great Pretender", "Under the Boardwalk", "Up On the Roof", "Charlie Brown", "Poison Ivy", "Yakety-Yak", "My Girl", "Get Ready", "Stand By Me" and many many more hits will be performed with the original choreography. These Last Original Stars put on a real party performance from the moment they enter the stage of the auditorium, the energy in the room is elevated to a fever pitch. Legendary New York City host Joe Franklin of WOR Radio says "Myles Savage is the real deal!".Most people have never seen anything like this in concert. Fans are dancing in the aisles, screaming and shouting, singing along with them as these stars sing their fans' most favorite songs. At one point in their performance, they sing the song "Love Train". The audience is transformed into a train of people, holding on to each other’s waists "choo chooing" all around the auditorium, singing and dancing. Savage says that, while the shows tend to draw primarily a "baby boomer" crowd, the younger people will also find "The Motown Party" exceptionally entertaining. "Young people love the music too", he said. "We have the old style Las Vegas flair. Younger people call it "old school", but they can see that their parents and grandparents are hip and cool people.". What a way to end the “Snowbird” season!

April 13